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Arbury Hill
Ash Wood
Badby Wood
Barnack Hills and Holes
Bedford Purlieus
Boddington Reservoir
Borough Hill - Daventry
Brampton Valley Way
Brigstock Country Park
Bucknell Wood
Bushey Wood
Castor Hanglands
Castle Ashby Lakes
Collyweston Delphs
Deanshanger Gravel Pits
Everdon Stubbs
Fawsley Park Lakes
Fermyn Wood
Fermyn Wood
Fineshade Top Lodge
Fineshade Top Lodge
Flag Fen
Geddington Chase
Glapthorn Cow Pastures
Hazelborough Forest
Hollowell Reservoir
Kislingbury Gravel Pits
Mantles Heath
Maxey Cut
Maxey Gravel Pits
Nene Barrage
Old Sulehay
Pipewell Wood
Pitsford Reservoir Dam
Polebrook Airfield
Ravensthorpe Reservoir
River Avon east of Stanford Reservoir
River Cherwell
River Cherwell east of Boddington Reservoir
River Cherwell - southern tip of Northamptonshire
River Cherwell - southern tip of Northamptonshire
River Cherwell Valley
River Cherwell Valley
River Great Ouse - source of
River Great Ouse south of Wicken
River Nene - source of
River Nene - alternative source
River Nene - confluence in Northampton
River Nene at Bridge Street, Northampton
River Nene near the Barnes Meadow Roundabout
River Nene at Hardwater Crossing
River Nene near Little Irchester Mills
River Nene - confluence with the River Ise
River Nene north of Barnwell
River Nene between Yarwell and Wanford
River Nene in Nene Park
River Nene Cut
River Tove east of Towcester
River Tove Valley west of Towcester
River Welland near Rockingham
River Welland viaduct
River Welland Valley
River Welland Valley
River Welland near Deeping St James
River Welland near Newborough Fen Duck Decoy
Salcey Forest
Salcey Forest
Salcey Forest
Short Wood
Souther Wood
Southey Wood
St Vincent's Cross
Stanford Reservoir
Stanwick Gravel Pits
Stoke Wood
Summer Leys Nature Reserve
Summer Leys Nature Reserve
Tailby Meadow
Tributary of the River Nene at Boughton Crossing
Twywell Hills and Dales
Whittlewood Forest
Whittlewood Forest
Whittlewood Forest