Natural England - no respect for the Robin


Natural England lost the plot

If a flagship species like the Robin Erithacus rubecula is in danger what hope for the rest of our wildlife.

The time has come to make wholesale changes at Natural England. We need to get rid of the people that are supposedly in charge at Natural England they have lost the plot. This is a bunch of Muppets that can no longer hide their contempt for wildlife in England. There is no scientific background to their plan to allow anyone to destroy nesting robins. This is our most well-known bird. The Robin is a key part of our culture and our countrycide. This is way past the thin end of the wedge, this is crossing the line in the sand. To consider this as just another species to debase shows the time has come to get someone in that understands that we own nothing but are looking after this country for future generations of humans and all other species.
I have no confidence in Natural England.

Jeff Blincow

PS - My apologies to the Muppets for using their name in vain. However, these characters now seem closer to reality than anyone with a say in policy at Natural England.

My apologies to Natural England for using a scientific name to define the species involved, this must be a bit too scary for you.

Good luck mate - you're on your own!